Does Costco accept Apple Pay? (In Clubs, Online and Gas Stations) (2023)

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Does Costco accept Apple Pay? (In Clubs, Online and Gas Stations) (1)

Costco is one of the best places to buy groceries in bulk. They accept many different payment options in clubs and online. Whether or not they will accept Apple Pay is the burning question today.

Costco accepts Apple Pay in clubs, online, and in the food court, but does not accept Apple Pay at Costco gas stations. Also, Costco does not accept Apple Card, which is a MasterCard credit card, at the clubs. When paying by credit card at Costco clubs, customers must use a Visa card.

Apple Pay is not the only payment option that Apple offers. Some Costco customers also have an Apple Card. Read on to learn more about using Apple Pay and other payment methods at Costco!

I was in@ Costcothis morning. I went to the register and after marking my things I realized that I did not have my wallet. The cashier asked if I had Apple Pay. I said yes! The cashier said you don't need your wallet. Thank God I remembered my password and paid with Apple Pay.#ApplePay

-Alasana Bah (@boraba)December 26, 2020

How to use Apple Pay at Costco

Using Apple Pay at Costco is easier than at most other grocery stores. Once you're at checkout, tell the cashier you'll be paying with Apple Pay and hold your phone close to the NFC card reader to complete the payment process.

While paying with Apple Pay at Costco is a simple process, there are slightly different steps to follow depending on whether you're paying in stores, online, or with the app.

So thanksApple Support, I described in detail how to pay with Apple Pay at Costco in the three ways:

(Video) How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station

How to use Apple Pay at Costco Clubs

Follow the instructions below to use Apple Pay to make purchases at Costco Clubs:

Use Apple Pay con iPhone Face ID:

  1. Double click the side button to use your default map
  2. Authenticate with your Face ID or password
  3. Then hold your phone close to the reader until you see a tick on the screen

Uso de Apple Paycon iPhone Touch ID:

  1. Place your finger on Touch ID
  2. Then hold your phone close to the reader until you see the mark

Uso de Apple Paycon Apple-Watch:

  1. Double click the side button
  2. Then hold your Apple Watch near the reader with the screen facing the reader
  3. You will feel a soft buzz when the transaction is complete.

How to use Apple Pay at Costco Online

You can follow the steps below to use Apple Pay forcostco onlineTasks:

Uso de Apple Pay with your desktop:

  1. First, you need to make sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID on all devices
  2. You need your Apple Watch or iPhone to complete the purchase
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or desktop
  4. Then tap the Apple Pay button
  5. Verify all information is correct and confirm payment when ready
  6. Confirm payment the same way you would in stores, using Face ID, Touch ID or your Apple Watch, without the card reader

Uso de Apple Paywith your iPhone:

  1. Tap the Apple Pay button and review all your information to make sure it's correct
  2. Then confirm your purchase with Face ID, Touch ID or Apple Watch

How to use Apple Pay in the Costco app

Here's what you need to do to use Apple Pay with the Costco app:

  1. Choose Apple Pay as your payment method and verify that all the information is correct
  2. Then confirm your payment with Face ID, Touch ID or Apple Watch

If you want to pay with a card other than the default card set up with your Apple Pay account, you need to follow these steps:

Uso de Apple Pay con Apple Face ID:

(Video) How to Pay with your Phone at Costco (if you forgot your Costco Card)

  1. Double tap the side button. The default map is displayed and you tap it to choose a different map.
  2. Then authenticate with your Face ID and you can pay.

Uso de Apple Pay con Apple Touch ID:

  1. Hold your phone close to the reader without putting your finger on Touch ID. The default map appears and you tap it to choose a different map.
  2. Then place your finger on Touch ID to complete the transaction.

Uso de Apple Pay con apple watch:

  1. Double-tap the side button to bring up your default map.
  2. Tap the card to change it and then you can complete your transaction.

@ Costco @ citiI want to use Apple Pay with my Costco Citi card at Costco gas stations!

- RK (@RKKTW)27. June 2019

¿Costco Gas acepta Apple Pay?

Costco gas stations do not accept Apple Pay as a payment method. The machines are not yet equipped with this technology. At this time, you can pay for Costco gas with any Citi Visa, Costco Anywhere Visa card, most PIN-based debit cards, or your Costco business card.

Costco Gas prefers Visa credit and debit cards. Non-Visa credit cards are not accepted, but most debit cards are accepted if the customer enters their PIN.

The details of why Costco does not accept credit cards other than Visa are explained below!

I love the self service kiosk in the#costcofood court. I can order, pay (via#applepay) and get a receipt for my slice of lemonade pizza in less than 10 seconds.

– Jason Luna (@JSONMOON)24. September 2019

Can you use Apple Pay at the Costco food court?

You can use Apple Pay to pay at the Costco food court. This might be the easiest way to use Apple Pay at Costco. Once you're ready to pay, all you have to do is press the pay button and the kiosk is enabled for Apple Pay. You can then pay in seconds using Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple Watch.

Past Costco customers have appreciated the ease of use of theCostco Food Courtthe kiosks are

Some have said that if you know what you want, you can complete the entire process in less than fifteen seconds - food in hand.

(Video) Can you use Apple Pay at gas pumps?

If you're just buying one item, the entire transaction is just two button presses, a scan of your phone or a look, and that's it!

What payment methods does Costco accept?

Costco accepts all Visa credit and debit cards, most other PIN debit cards, Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card, Costco business cards, personal and business checks from current Costco members, traveler's checks, EBT , cash and mobile payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Customers using Costco online have a slightly different selection of payment methods to choose fromPayment Methods Accepted for CostcoOnline include:

  • All Visa debit and credit cards
  • Most other debit cards if PIN is used
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card Dies
  • Costco store cards
  • MasterCard
  • Discover cards, including Diners Club and JCB

Why doesn't Costco accept MasterCard?

Customers can use their MasterCard debit card at Costco stores and on its website. However, MasterCard credit cards are not accepted at the clubs because Costco made a deal with Citi Visa in 2015 to make Citi Visa their primary credit card. Costco also does not accept American Express or Discover credit cards.

Costco's support page indicates that MasterCard and Discover cards will continue to be accepted through orders, but these credit cards will no longer be accepted in stores.

Those who have a MasterCard debit card can still use it in stores as long as they enter their PIN during the transaction.

We can't use Apple Pay at Walmart, and we can't use Apple Card at Costco. ☹️🙃

— Arnold (@ArnoldAaron13)4. September 2020

Can you use Apple Card at Costco?

Unfortunately, you can't use your Apple Card at Costco. You can use Apple Pay, but Apple Card is a MasterCard credit card that is no longer accepted at Costco stores. Costco's website accepts MasterCard, so customers can use their Apple Card to make purchases online at Costco, but not at their club locations.

Apple Card is Apple's reinvention of the traditional credit card. All of your credit card information stays safe on your iPhone.

The easy-to-use account has no fees and even has built-in tools to help you pay less interest. In addition, customers receive cashback on daily purchases.

(Video) We bought gas with Apple Pay

Customers can even apply for their Apple Card without affecting their credit score!


Mobile payments have changed the way we pay and even whether or not someone needs to carry a wallet! Apple Pay is one of the fastest and easiest ways to pay for just about anything these days.

In addition to using Apple Pay at Costco stores, you can also pay online and through the app. The only thing you can't use it for is buying gas at Costco gas stations.

If you want to learn more about shopping at Costco, read the related articles below.

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