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Hör -Acoustics -Aids in the area of hearing health technology have been quite new on the market since 2015., and all three models allow the user to adapt the hearing aid settings via a mobile application. Read below to learn more about early and hear loss it offers.

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  • Removable pedal tip for a clear and natural sound
  • Self -adaptation technology to personalize your earrings conveniently from home
  • Sound Matching+ with the purity feature that automatically adjusts to each environment
  • Practically invisible and practically disappear in your ear
  • Remote life support from licensed professionals
  • more fascinating


  • No prescription device, not suitable for people with severe to profound hearing loss

Eargo hearing aids at a glance

  • Covers types and severity of hearing loss: Eargo offers three hearing aid models in the channel (CIC) for people with a light to moderate hearing loss with high frequency.
  • Esthetic: Ear hearing aids "float" in the ear canal with soft, flexible tips, making them nearly invisible and cosmetically attractive.
  • Easy setting: Customers can take an optional online hearing test and speak with an Eargo representative to determine the best self-assisting headset for their hearing loss (mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss).
  • Eargo advantages:Financing available and starting at 0% APR, 45-day return policy with free return and professional lifetime support.

What is an ear -like one?

Eargo is a 2010 company for medical devices based in San Jose, California.The hearing aids from Eargo were from drag wing.

Eargo has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and has resolved or "answered" 95 customer complaints over the past three years.

Who are the hearing aids from Ohrgo better for?

EARGO hearing aids were developed to help people with a light to medium-heavy hearing loss in the high frequency area.They are an attractive option for people who tend to be self -determined in terms of their health and well -being and are looking for an invisible hearing aid solution.In this way, an assessment by an audiologist can determine the degree of your hearing loss and better support you in choosing your hearing aid.

Models and Eargo headset costs

Eargo offers three models of hearing aids that fit in the ear canal and are therefore almost invisible. Eargo also offers oneFree online hearing testTo help potential users determine the level of their hearing loss. You can also speak to Eargo representatives who can help you choose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

ModelHearing loss leveltype and attitudeCharacteristicsPreisSee moreYou can find more CTAs under the text in the text
Eargo 7Mild to moderate high frequency hearing lossCompletely in the channel (CIC)Virtually invisible? Rechargeable? Self-service technology for personalized remote settings. Sound Adjust+ automatically adjusts to your listening environment$ 2.950 for two hearing aids
(ab 9 $6 per month)
learn moreOn the Eargo website
Eargo 6Light to medium -heavy hearing loss in the high frequency areaCompletely in the channel (CIC)Almost invisible.The sound adjustment automatically adapts to the listening environment.$ 2,450 for two hearing aids
(von $80 per month)
learn moreOn the Eargo website
Eargo 5Mild to moderate high-frequency hearing lossCompletely in the channel (CIC)Almost invisible. Can regulate the reduction in the noise.$1,850 for two hearing aids
(von $86 per month)
learn moreOn the Eargo website

Functions and accessories from Ohrgogo

The hearing functions of Eargo lists include:

  • Environmental settings.All three Eargo hearing aids offer a sound adjustment that can be adapted to the preferences and the area around the user for better listening, for example a loud restaurant or theater.The Eargo 6 and 7 models have Sound Adjust that automatically adjusts the settings when switching between environments.
  • Soft spacer tips.Eargo hearing aids are available in two sizes with soft, interchangeable silicone tips that "float" in their ears and at the same time let air and natural noises penetrate.
  • Black lid to open the earAll models are equipped with a black "lid", which further promotes by the mixture of the natural darkness of the ear opening.
  • Load. All ear hearing aids can be rechargeable and last about 16 hours full of loads. In full extent, the earlier charger delivers the power supply for about two days.
  • 45 days right of return. Eargo offers a 45-day return policy from the day your headphones were delivered.

Eargo hearing aids and hearing aids

The Mobile app from Eargo is compatible with the hearing aid Eargo 5, Eargo 6 and Eargo 7.With the Eargo apps, you can adapt settings for different listening environments.The Eargo app also has an integrated hearing test with which you can create a "sound card" to better adjust your listening settings.With the help of your unique sound card, users can adapt your hearing aid settings regardless of your home.

The almost invisible headset

EARGO 7 - Listen with clear sound and live your life, continuously

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Customer service

Eargo offers phone and chat support. However, the phone number contains various prompts. So, be sure to select the one you want, otherwise you may have to call back to reach the right support team. However, we were on hold a few times a day. On another day, we were able to reach an Eargo representative immediately. The customer service representatives were polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

The Eargo website conversation framework offers automated answers and links to articles that may be useful. To connect to a real person, you can give your telephone number to be rediscovered on the conversation screen.

Guarantees and discounts

With EARGO 7 hearing aids, there is a guarantee of up to two years to each earphone.A one -year guarantee applies to Eargo 5 and the Eargo 6.

The Eargo guarantee includes unlimited hearing aid repairs and covers loss or damage per hearing aid. During the warranty period, Eargo will inspect the hearing aid and/or charger and will repair or replace the device with a new or refurbished device. However, if you lose or damage the headset or charger during Eargo's 45-day return period, you cannot return the system for a refund.

Eargo offers a 10% discount on Eargo 6 and Eargo 7 audio aids for correspondents, nurses, doctors. Veterans and active military members are eligible for a 20% discount on Eargo 7 devices.

Are Eargo hearing aids covered by the insurance or Medicare?

The original medications do not cover hearing aids, although the committee for some of Somemedicare cover the costs for acoustic aids.However, Eargo receives private health insurance and the company can even help customers who need help with their papers.On the website to ensure insurance coverage, which includes confirmation of the guidelines or the authorization of the company and the uploading of listening tests (which may be necessary according to the provider).

Inquire at your health insurance company whether your policy specifically covers EARGO hearing aids.Since no professional assessment and adaptation of hearing health is required for EARGO hearing aids, you may not be covered by conventional hearing aid insurance.

What the audiologists say

One problem with Eargo hearing aids is that they don't require an in-person diagnosis of hearing-related health issues, says Stelios Dokianakis, an audiologist and owner of Holland Doctors of Audiology in Holland, Michigan.

"Hearing problems can arise from allergies, problems with the sinuses, liquid in the middle ear, growths or tumors and of course through too much ear wax," says Dokianakis."Without a correct diagnosis and someone who looks into the ears," although the preset programs from Eargo can be adapted to some hearing models, the devices still do not achieve the exact accuracy of a prescription hearing aid, "he adds.

"Like prescription reading glasses compared to prescription glasses, they only make sense for slight problems and if the costs are significantly lower," says Dokianakis.“This is probably the biggest complaint that I heard of patients about Eargo.There are not many of them. ”Cheaper than prescription, prescription, prescription headphones.”

Advantages and disadvantages of the early hearing fantastic

Although the hearing headphones are not suitable for one person with loss, they serve people with mild to moderate hearing loss frequency looking for a discrete, rechargeable device.Earphone hearing aids are also sold as a couple (in contrast to certain competitors that they sell separately) and do not require acoustic or recipe tests.In addition, the headphones are a cheaper half of the company's 45-day reimbursement policy in some cases offers additional peace.

However, earrings are not designed for people with difficult to deep hearing loss.Another possible disadvantage is hearing loss.Acoustics can also help to ensure that hearing aids with the specific needs and preferences of a person are appropriate and perfected.

The almost invisible earphone

EARGO 7 - Increase your conversations with the sound setting +

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