How to keep mosquitoes out of your room - pest controllers recommend these 10 tricks (2023)

It's the time of year when mosquitoes start appearing in our homes again. They are quite harmful but annoying. So if your bedroom is a hotspot, act fast.

There are many ways to do thisget rid of mosquitoes, but if you must permanently ban them from your bedroom, it first helps to understand why they exist in the first place.

We spoke to pest controllers, entomologists and rehabilitators to find out what attracts mosquitoes into a bedroom and how to deter them. Then we look for ways to get rid of them.

Why are there mosquitoes in my bedroom?

"Gnits" is one of the terms we like to use for small, pesky flies that invade our spaces. However, they are not all the same species of insect, and not all are there for the same reason.

fungus gnatsThey're often found around overwatered houseplants, for example, so if you're looking nearbyGetting rid of mosquitoes on plants, these are probably the pests you have to deal with.

fruit flieswho, however, are attracted to fruit or even spilled soda on your bedside table.

“Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, trash, discarded food, and ripe or rotting fruit, to name a few. "Make sure the bedroom is clear of all of these items to keep mosquitoes out," she advises.Derek Carter, owner of Pests Termination based in Ohio.

How to keep mosquitoes out of the bedroom

As Derek mentioned above, mosquitoes are attracted to everything from rotting food to water in plant trays to water escaping from a faucet.

So your first and easiest route is to fix them through some cleaning and DIY.

1. Clear sweet sticky substances

Emma Grace Crumbley,group of mosquitoesThe entomologist says: “Usually these pests enter your home from the outside through cracks or holes in your foundation, walls, windows or doors.

"They're likely to foul garbage cans, rotten fruit, and other damp places that have rotting organic matter. Make sure you leave food and drink cups outside your sleeping area to prevent mosquitoes from invading your room.

“Gnits are naturally attracted to any type of fruity scent, including your body wash, your perfume, and even your shampoo. To counteract this, use unscented soaps or perfume.

2. Eliminate moisture sources

Usually, eliminating the sources of moisture solves the mosquito problem in the bedroom. In the case of mosquitoes in particular, this includes checking drains and under the sink and other areas where water mixed with other organic matter, including plants, can accumulate.

"In the case of drains, it may be best to use an enzyme cleaner, which is more effective at removing the organic debris that mosquitoes rely on," he advises.Moneef Bin BreakMore Diagnopest from Philadelphia.

"In any case, locating and eliminating the cause of the activity is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes." Using an enzyme cleaner is always recommended, but you can do this with an all-purpose cleaner as well, as long as you prevent moisture and organic matter from getting in accumulate around.

Flyzyme on Amazonhighly recommended.

3. Treat the soil of houseplants

bedroom plantsThey are pretty but can also be a source of attraction for mosquitoes.

"If you're dealing with mosquitoes in your bedroom, they might be attracted to the potted plants you put in there, since bedrooms don't typically offer the same food sources as a kitchen (where mosquitoes are more common)," she says. Jeremy Yamaguchi and I are the CEOlawn love.

"If you have plants in your bedroom,Use of cinnamon in soilis an excellent natural fungicide that can be used to control mosquitoes. Mosquito larvae feed on fungi that are commonly found in the soil, and cinnamon powder effectively kills this fungus. Because it's not an insecticide, it doesn't kill the mosquitoes, but it has antifungal properties, so it deters them by attacking their food source and forcing them to go elsewhere."

"There's a long list of plants you can have in your home that repel mosquitoes, including geraniums, lemon thyme, lavender, and Mexican marigold," adds Mosquito Squad entomologist Emma Grace Crumbley.

4. Use white vinegar

Lawn Love's Jeremy Yamaguchi suggestsGet rid of mosquitoes with white vinegar.

"If the infestation is severe, a good home remedy is to fill mason jars about two-thirds full with apple cider vinegar, shake in a few drops of liquid dish soap, cover the jars with cling film, and poke a few small holes in them with a toothpick. . "The flies will enter the jars, but they will not be able to escape."

5. Try the candle trick

"One of my favorite tricks is to put a candle in a bowl of water and dish soap and then light it about an hour before bed," says Dan Bailey, president.WikiLawn Austin Race. "This should lure most of the mosquitoes in the room to the light to drown them in the water and ensure the bedroom is free of bed gnats."

6. Use essential oils

"Certain essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus can repel mosquitoes," says Jeff Johnson, ownerSimple home buyers.

"Just add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or spray bottle and mist or diffuse throughout your bedroom."

7. Seal entry points

"Install window screens," says Jeff Johnson of Simple Homebuyers. “Window screens can help keep mosquitoes out of your bedroom while allowing fresh air to circulate. Be sure to keep your windows closed when you're not in the room to prevent mosquitoes from getting in as well.

"Caulk is your best friend when you need to seal access points throughout your home," explains entomologist Emma Grace Crumbley. “It's inexpensive and can be used around window frames, air intake and outlet grilles. Also, use caulk to repair small cracks.

8. Improve air quality and traffic

If that's what you're looking forbest FanYou can buy money to brave the upcoming warm weather. Note that they can also prevent mosquitoes from entering your bedroom.

“Gnits are poor fliers and are easily attracted by a fan. Place a fan in your bedroom and turn it on to keep air circulating and keep mosquitoes out,” advises Jeff Johnson of Simple Homebuyers.

"Prevention is key to fighting mosquitoes in the bedroom," says Karina Toner here, Operations Manager atSpotlessly cleaned. "Since mosquitoes thrive in humid environments, consider using a dehumidifier or air conditioner to reduce the humidity in your bedroom."

9. Use a tap bug or sticky traps

"Bug killers are effective at killing mosquitoes and other flying insects," says Jeff Johnson of Simple Homebuyers. "Keep a sponge in your bedroom and turn it on before bed to trap any mosquitoes that may have entered."

"These devices use UV light to attract mosquitoes and other insects and then electrocute them."Ο Hoont Bug Zapperis a popular choice that effectively eliminates mosquitoes,” continues Karina Toner of Spekless Cleaning.

'Insect traps or sticky traps (from Amazon)can help catch invading mosquitoes, and natural repellents like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender oil can be effective in repelling them.

10. Call the professionals

"As always, when the infestation reaches a point where these basic treatments are no longer effective, it's time to call in a professional to get to the bottom of the problem and rid your home of these unwanted pests," advises Emma Grace Crumbley. mosquito squad. Entomologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get rid of mosquitoes in my room?

Mix a combination of apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a small bowl and place it where you spotted mosquitoes. They are attracted to the solution and then drown in it. You can also use sliced ​​rotten fruit. However, be aware that this will attract mosquitoes from the outside if you have not already sealed the cracks and entry points. That's why it's important to do this first.

Can mosquitoes lay eggs in my room?

Yes, mosquitoes lay their eggs in a place they are comfortable with. So try to reduce any conditions that make them happy, from damp areas like overwatered houseplants to trays of rotting fruit or sticky liquids.

Like many other pests, mosquitoes thrive in your mess. So the key to keeping them out of your room is to keep it clean and tidy.Clean your bedroomDaily scraps of food, mopping up spills, and avoiding getting wet (e.g. wet towels tossed in corners) are key to protecting against mosquitoes. Regular vacuuming of leftovers is also essential. Do not leave the lights on in your bedroom at night when the windows are open: this is an open invitation for mosquitoes.

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