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What are Hue hearing aids?

HueHearing is an online hearing aid company.

A California-based company makes their devices.

Known for their inexpensive hearing amplifiers, the products can be used right out of the box.

They are light, discreet and easy to put on and take off.

Despite their simple design, they can amplify sounds around you and relieve tinnitus symptoms. They ship worldwide for free.

How to buy Hue hearing aids

To keep their prices low, HueHearing sells their products exclusively online.

To order, shop directly on their website.

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The company ships orders via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other courier services. It takes approximately three to ten business days to receive your order, although it may take longer depending on your location. Some customers complain about longer wait times.

HueHearing sends a confirmation as soon as you submit your articles.

Hue hearing aid test

You can try your hearing aids for three months to see if they are right for you.

If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund. If you request a refund, be sure to do so within 90 days. After that, it can be difficult to get a refund.

HueHearing also offers a 3-year replacement warranty that you can purchase for an additional $30.

What products does HueHearing offer?

Hue headphones: reviews, costs and devices | audicus (1)

HueHearing's flagship product is the invisible hearing aids ($170). As the name suggests, no one can see them after you put them in your ears. They're perfect for anyone who feels conscious about wearing hearing aids or doesn't want to wear anything bulky in their ears. They come with silicone ear tips in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

HueHearing's invisible hearing aids are ideal for people with mild to severe hearing loss. They amplify the sounds you want to hear while reducing unnecessary background noise. And because the sounds around you increase, they can help drown out tinnitus.

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HueHearing also offers wax guard ($13), silicone ear tips ($13), and A10 batteries ($90).

How much do HueHearing devices cost?

HueHearing's invisible hearing aids are significantly more affordable than other brands' models, retailing for $170 each. While that's already pretty reasonable, you can get them for an even lower price now that they're 60% off. They are currently just $68 each.

You can also take advantage of discounts on HueHearing accessories, free worldwide shipping, and a 90-day risk-free trial.

Are HueHearing hearing aids right for you?

If you're looking for an advanced hearing aid to treat your hearing loss, Hue hearing aids may not be right for you.

If you are looking for a basic hearing aid amplifier and have very mild hearing loss, consider this product.

To help you determine if HueHearing is for you, we've compiled some third-party reviews of their products and prices from recent customers.

HueHearing Customer Reviews

What are people saying about HueHearing products?

Reviews are generally mixed, with negative reviews dominating third-party websites and positive reviews dominating the company's website. Buyers should be careful to research the company before making a purchase.

As a general rule, reviews on third-party sites like the BBB are a credible source of the truth.

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Trustpilot reviews of HueHearing devices:

“I returned both hearing aids in accordance with the company's instructions within the required timeframe for a full refund. They acknowledged receipt of both devices in an email they sent me. It's been a month and they still haven't refunded the purchase price even though I've sent multiple emails and phone calls requesting a refund. This is obviously a scam. This company is unreliable and not legit.” – lauren c.

“Worst headphones I've ever bought Bought two pairs and when I put them in my ear they squealed like crazy Tried to return them and never got a response Buyer beware better buy a more expensive pair that fit then buy these cheap ones that don't fit good. I am writing this review now because I bought these headphones 2 years ago and tried to get a refund after 3 days and received them but never got a response, beware of this company.” –timothy day

Better Business Bureau HueHearing Reseñas:

“Your product is a hearing amplifier. There is so much noise that it hurts your ears. I bought the product six months ago, returned it and am struggling to get my money back. They keep saying they are suing. I didn't get my money back. They don't give me my money back. These people are suspicious and I want to warn everyone not to buy from them. Bad bad treatment.ramona s.

Common Complaints About HueHearing

The most common customer complaint about HueHearing is the slow refund process. Many claim that they had to contact the company several times before they got their money back.

Many people also say that HueHearing devices don't work for them. It can be hard to know if they will work for you because the company does not provide tests.

Hue Hearing Return Policy

The company offers a money-back guarantee, allowing customers to try their hearing aids for 90 days and return them if they don't fit.

The pros and cons of Hue hearing aids

To help you decide if HueHearing devices are worth your money, here are their main pros and cons:


  • HueHearing devices are cheaper than other brands.
  • These devices have a discreet and lightweight design.


  • Customers complain about a long and tedious refund process.
  • They do not work for all hearing loss problems.
  • There are no trials available to customers before making a purchase.
  • There is only one model available.
  • Many customers report dissatisfaction and warn potential buyers to be careful.

HueHearing compared to Audicus hearing aids

Given customer complaints about HueHearing invisible hearing aids not working for them and their difficulties with the refund process, Audicus is worth considering as an alternative.

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An award-winning company, Audicus makes different types of hearing aids at an affordable price. The devices include advanced technology and provide clients with a high-quality listening experience.

The benefits of Audicus hearing aids include:

  • A wide selection of products Customers can choose from a variety of Audicus hearing aids for various needs. Audicus offers four types of hearing aids with different features, including an "invisible" Mini style. Customers can also choose accessories such as wax guards, domes, and remote controls.
  • A la carte audiological service –Receive expert hearing care for the life of your hearing aids, available in the comfort of your own home.
  • Advanced technologyAudicus hearing aids have stronger features, including adaptive directional microphones for crowded environments, Bluetooth connectivity, remote adjustment, and rechargeable options.
  • Convenient testing and maintenance:Free trials and convenient maintenance are available for customers.
  • Easy access to the support:Customers have unlimited access to expert support. Resources include video tutorials, downloadable product manuals, and an extensive FAQ page.
  • BBB Certification –The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAQ)

How much do HueHearing devices cost?

HueHearing devices are $170 each. However, the company regularly offers discounts, so you can often get your hearing aids for an even lower price.

Who makes the HueHearing devices?

HueHearing is a California-based company owned by Sarah Lindon.

Are HueHearing devices amplifiers?

According to many customer reports, HueHearing devices are amplifiers. This means that they amplify all sounds, which is different from real hearing aids. True hearing aids are more advanced and generally more suitable for people with hearing loss.

Are HueHearing devices rechargeable?

HueHearing devices use A10 batteries. They are not rechargeable.

Are HueHearing devices a scam?

Many customers are not satisfied with Hue hearing aids. Some customers complain that the company is a scam. Do your own research before making a decision on whether or not to buy from the company.


Which Phonak does Costco sell? ›

Phonak hearing aids are provided by Sonova, one of the top manufacturers of hearing aids in the United States. Costco sells the Phonak Brio 4 line of behind-the-ear devices, which can connect to iOS, Android, and other Bluetooth-supported devices.

Is Hue hearing a hearing aid or an amplifier? ›

Their product is a hearing amplifier.

How much does a hearing test cost at Costco? ›

Free Services Available at Costco Hearing Aid Centers

According to the website, Costco Hearing Aid Centers offer the following services free of charge: Hearing tests.

Why did Phonak leave Costco? ›

Phonak-branded hearing aids have been discontinued for sale at Costco. As first reported by HearingTracker in October, Costco discontinued the sale of its Sonova-manufactured Kirkland Signature 10.0 (KS10) hearing aid due to issues with device rechargeability.

Are Phonak the best? ›

Phonak's legacy for innovation has won the company several awards. In 2021, Phonak won the Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best” for its Virto Marvel Black model, an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid designed to look more like modern in-ear headphones than hearing aid devices.

How long do Hue hearing batteries last? ›

Standard hearing aid batteries last anywhere from 3 to 22 days, depending on the type of hearing aid, the battery type and capacity, how often the hearing aid is used, and how much streaming you do.

Can hearing amplifiers damage your hearing? ›

Hearing amplifiers are designed for people without hearing loss. If you use these devices to correct hearing loss, you may damage your ears with the loud, intense sound they can emit at their highest level. This may also worsen reactive tinnitus, or tinnitus that is made worse after exposure to loud noise.

Is Costco hearing aid any good? ›

Most reviewers find that the hearing aids from Costco are very good, especially for their price. Kirkland, Costco's private label brand, produces one of the most popular hearing aids on the market. Most hearing aids don't allow you to return the product for a refund, but with Kirkland, you can.

Why did Costco stop selling Kirkland hearing aid? ›

It appears that Costco paused sales of its Kirkland Signature 10 hearing aids in early October 2022—potentially due to reported rechargeability issues.

Are hearing tests free for over 60s? ›

You can get a free hearing test on the NHS. A GP may refer you to a hearing specialist (audiologist) who can do the test. It could take a few weeks to see a specialist so it might be quicker to get tested somewhere else, like at a large pharmacy or opticians. This is often free.

Does Costco have certified audiologists? ›

Costco's Hearing Aid Department

They provide premium technology (although read more below for some caveats on that). On certain models of hearing aids that contain remote technology, Costco audiologists can service customers' devices remotely. They also offer for free: Demonstrations of hearing aid models.

Are Kirkland and Phonak the same? ›

No, Kirkland hearing aids are not Phonak hearing aids. However, both hearing aid brands are manufactured by Sonova International.

Is Phonak Paradise better than Phonak Marvel? ›

Comparing Phonak Marvel with Phonak Paradise hearing aids

Even though Marvel was popular with consumers - there was still room for improvement. Paradise trumped Marvel in quite a few areas such as speech enhancement, sound processing with a more powerful chipset and connectivity in general.

What are the names of the 4 different levels of technology available in the Phonak Audeo Paradise model? ›

The model will be available in the usual four levels of technology from Phonak, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30. The Audeo P 13 T is the larger of the traditionally powered models available, again because it has a telecoil onboard. While larger, the 13, which takes a 13 battery, is still a relatively discrete device.


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