ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (2023)

I'm a hard of hearing millennial, television producer and MBA student who has been wearing hearing aids for the past 12 years. Here's what I thinkThe new rechargeable batteries from ReSound.

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (1)

I am 34 years old and have had hearing aids since 2009. My hearing loss is mild to moderate, bilateral, sensorineural and noise induced.

TL;DR:TheReSound LiNX QuattroIt's a good hearing aid!This is my fifth pair of headphones and my third pair of ReSounds in a row. They typically cost the couple more than $6,000 and are uninsured. But I was lucky enough to get them at an incredible discount because according to my audiologist, ReSound no longer had access to replacement batteries for its previous model, the LiNX 3D, which I've been using almost every day since October 2017. LiNX Quattro on May 6th, 2021. Here is mine4 benefitsAnd4 disadvantages:

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (2)

My new black ReSound LiNX Quattros behind the ear along with my old ReSound LiNX 3D


No batteries to change

TheReSound LiNX Quattro runs on lithium-ion batteries, just like a smartphone, and it iscompletely sealed in the hearing aid housing. This means fewer cracks through which moisture can penetrate and damage these magical microcomputers.

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Older models and other brands have small doors where you can put a battery. My previous headphones, the ReSound LiNX 3D, had rechargeable batteries that lasted around 12 hours. If I didn't charge it overnight, I could replace it with a battery from the drugstore. These usually lasted about five days for me before I heard the warning tone to change. That meant keeping the batteries in my pocket and not letting those slippery little jerks bounce off my fingers!

Thanks to LiNX Quattro there are no more annoying battery problems!

Battery life is as long as advertised (maybe longer?)

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (3)

The monkfish lightbulb reminds me a bit of a hearing aid cable

ReSound promises30 hours of battery life on a full charge, which they say is aboutthree hours in the charging case. If you don't have that much time, a 30-minute charge can get you up to 8 hours. You can leave the charging case plugged in all the time, or unplug it and take it with you. According to my audiologist, the charging case without the power cord lasts for about three full charges.

That all of this was the case was due to a faulty power cord that was originally included in the boxReSound LiNX QuattroInstallation.

The charging case was fully plugged in, but it wasn't getting any additional power through the cable. Unaware of this, I put my headphones on the charger overnight, assuming they would charge as expected. And so they did - until the charger itself gave up the ghost - and shortly thereafter, so did my headphones.

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (4)

LiNX Quattros turn off when you hold down the buttons

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Have patience with me while I calculate.If my headphones were fully charged when I brought them home and my charging case held three 30-hour charges, that would mean my headphones would have to be dead after 120 hours, or five days.Butthey lasted six days! This tells me that either a) the charging case holds more than three full charges or b) my ReSound LiNX Quattros aren't putting out as much power as they could if programmed for someone with a more severe hearing loss than me. Either way, that's some pretty remarkable battery life!

Luckily, my audiologist's office was kind enough to loan me their demo charger while I waited for a new one to be delivered. If not, I would have to take the MBA course with my natural hearing. Let's just say I didn't learn that much that night!

Bluetooth syncs faster

Most (if not all) modern hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. That means all of your iPhone audio goes straight to your head! Listen and speak hands-free through your headphones' speakers and microphones. You can also stream music, podcasts, shows, your GPS, or any audio that you stream through your iPhone.

I say “iPhone” in this context because many hearing aids currently cannot connect directly to Android. TheReSound LiNX Quattrois an exception. If you are looking for hearing aids, make sure the brand you choose is compatible with your phone!

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (5)

Every headset I've used since 2009 has worked with various Bluetooth devices. But after using the LiNX Quattro for a month, I noticed thisThey connect to my iPhone faster than previous models.

This is useful when I'm in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant, and need to quickly change the ReSound app setting to noise filter or voice focus. The app used to take 6-7 seconds to connect, but now it takes about three seconds.

In the meantime it is neededIt takes less than a second to connect my headphones to a phone call, which helps me avoid awkward misunderstandings when I answer the phone and don't hear it right away.

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more clarity

Ambient sound quality gradually improved with each of the five pairs of hearing aids I tested, butReSound LiNX Quattrooffers the best yet.The programming of my unique audiogram is flawless.I can say that they correct more frequencies along the high to low spectrum (for all you audio nerds: check this outAbout sound quality ReSound is intended for hearing care professionals). It actually sounds richer and fuller, as ReSound promises.

When it comes to noisy environments, the digital noise reduction (DNR) seems about the same as my previous headphones. The noise filter and voice focus features of the ReSound app (as previously mentioned), but it's not perfect. I look forward to seeing how new technologies, including artificial intelligence, can improve DNR.

I am now noticing a change in the way these new hearing aids pick up my own sound! My vocal consonants sound less harsh and my breathing is less noticeable. I attribute this in part to my 12 years of experience wearing older models and other brands, so I'm used to hearing myself amplified. However, it appears that ReSound has done something to remove the emphasis on the user's own voice.


disappointing Bluetooth range

Great story my goodnessiPhone must be at waist height or higherforReSound LiNX Quattrofor the right flow. It breaks, deforms, and cuts one or both ears when I hold my phone directly to the side or face down, even in a side pocket or pocket. I'm only 1.75m tall so I could imagine this being an issue for someone taller.

This is a problem for me when I want to do yoga on YouTube with my phone on the floor(indeed a primal problem!)

There is a delay in changing the volume by pressing a button

Right = Top, Left = Bottom.

As with any pair of headphones I've used before, I can increase or decrease the volume by pressing the button on one ear or the other. I use it as a subtle "emergency" volume boost during a call when I'm hard of hearing. The alternative would be to open the ReSound app and change the volume via Bluetooth.

Unlike any headset I've used before, this isReSound LiNX Quattromakes me waitTwo full seconds elapse between pressing the button and changing the volumebe effective. As a matter of factdies for a full secondbefore it sounds and then changes. When I need a boost in active listening, it can feel like the longest two seconds ever! With my older headphones, the volume change was instantaneous. I hope that at my next appointment with my audiologist for a hearing aid fitting, ReSound will have fixed the problem.

bad height balance in the river

ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aid Review | 4 for and 4 against (6)


(Video) Molly gets fitted with Resound LiNX QUATTRO hearing aids. 2018

As with all my previous hearing aids, everything I transmit is heardtoo much triple and you can't adjust the balance. It doesn't bother me when I'm on the phone or streaming shows or podcasts, but it does make my favorite rock 'n' roll sound flat and glassy.

That isnotThis is the case with live music or music played through external speakers. In fact, the ReSound app has a Live Music setting that optimizes your headphones for concerts. This setting allows you to choose "Bass Boost" or "Treble Boost", but it only works with ambient music, not streaming from a device. I rarely use this music setting as my hearing is still intact enough to hear amplified music and when I do I wear earplugs. Check out Listening Habits soon for a reviewmy favorite earplugsall ages!

You cannot change the batteries

As you may have readthe professionalsI think lithium ion batteries are a big improvement. But that makes me nervousThe charging case is the only optionto charge itReSound LiNX Quattro! If I forget the case when I go out of town, I can't buy a new one in a store or in an audiologist's office. You must order the housing specifically from ReSound. And I can't stop at the nearest Walgreens for a battery like I could with every pair of hearing aids before them.

This problem makes me feel like investing in a backup amp. There are many consumer options, including the Apple AirPods Pronow work as hearing aids in iOS14! Check out Hearing Habits next year to read my reviewRumored to be AirPods Pro 2(Once I save up to buy a pair!)


I'm really excited and grateful to have access to itReSound LiNX Quattro- Easily the best headset I've used since 2009! While the bells and whistles require detailed description, the basic features you'd expect from top-of-the-line hearing aids are excellent.

Do you have any questions or comments about my experience with the ReSound LiNX Quattro? Sign in to Google, Facebook, or create a Hearing Habits account to comment below. Or email Hearing Habits founder Erica Jansen

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This post has not contained any affiliate links since it was first published. Erica Jansen, founder of Hearing Habits, receives no commission for clicking on links that lead to a purchase. If you are interested in high-tech hearing aids, contact an audiologist from your health insurance company.


What are the levels of ReSound LiNX Quatro technology? ›

In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids are available with 3 selectable receiver power levels: Medium (MP), High (HP) and Ultra (UP). ReSound LiNX Quattro also supports the full line of ReSound wireless accessories, which also utilizes the extended bandwidth.

How much do ReSound LiNX Quattro cost? ›

ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids range in price from $3,000 to $6,500 per pair, depending on your provider and the model you choose.

When did ReSound LiNX Quattro come out? ›

About the ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro was introduced in 2018, replacing the earlier ReSound LiNX 3D product family and offering improved sound quality, rechargeability, 2.4 GHz connectivity, and remote fine-tuning.

How long do ReSound batteries last? ›

With a completely sealed lithium-ion battery, a small, discreet size and long-lasting battery power, your patients can rely on their hearing aids for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

What are the names of the 4 different levels of technology available in the Phonak Audeo Paradise model? ›

Phonak Virto Paradise is available in 4 technology levels: P30, P50, P70 and P90 being the top of the range model.

Which hearing aid has the highest frequency range? ›

Popular hearing aid brands like Phonak and Oticon offer products equipped with frequency compression technology. The best hearing aids for high frequency hearing loss are the Phonak Audeo P, Oticon More™, and Signia Pure hearing aids.

Can you sleep in ReSound hearing aid? ›

We generally advise people not to wear hearing aids when sleeping.

Where is ReSound made? ›

GN ReSound's factory in Præstø, Denmark, produces some of the world's smallest and most complicated chips benefiting hearing aid users in more than 90 countries.

Why does my ReSound hearing aid shut off randomly? ›

If your hearing aid keeps shutting off, this could be to do with the battery. It might need replacing. If it's not a battery issue, then the hearing aid could have been damaged in some way.

Why does my ReSound hearing aid beep? ›

The most common reason for your hearing aid to beep is due to the battery being low. If the battery of your hearing aid is low, this can hinder the quality of your hearing aid and is a sign that you need to install a new battery.

How do I listen to music on my ReSound hearing aid? ›

How To Stream Music And Calls
  1. Download the ReSound Smart 3D app from the Google Play Store.
  2. After the app completes the installation, open it, and click “Get Started.”
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish setting up your app and to pair your device to your hearing aids.
Oct 17, 2022

What is the 5 minute rule for hearing aid batteries? ›

Utilize the five-minute rule

Immediately after removing the tab, don’t insert the battery into the hearing aid right away. Instead, wait around 5-7 minutes. This will permit the air to properly activate the battery, expanding its life by up to three days.

Should you remove hearing aid batteries at night? ›

Leave the battery compartment of your hearing aid open at night so moisture can escape. Doing so will keep the battery from corroding and damaging the hearing aid. Remove dead batteries immediately.

How can I extend the life of my hearing aid battery? ›

The Trick to Making Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer
  1. Don't stockpile hearing aid batteries. ...
  2. Remove the tab when you're ready to use your new batteries. ...
  3. Leave your batteries for five minutes before placing them in the hearing aid. ...
  4. Keep your hands clean. ...
  5. Leave the battery holder open when not using your hearing aids.
Nov 15, 2019

Which style of hearing aid is the most commonly used at this time? ›

In the ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are possibly the most popular option on the market at the moment.

Which is better in analog and digital hearing aid? ›

Analog hearing aids generally offer more basic features and a less-natural listening experience than digital hearing aids.

What is the difference between a digital hearing aid and a programmable hearing aid? ›

Digital hearing aids are more common. They have all the features of analog programmable aids, but they convert sound waves into digital signals and produce an exact duplication of sound. Microchips in digital hearing aids analyze speech and other environmental sounds and store multiple program settings.

What is the normal hearing range of a 70 year old? ›

Threshold average RE
Age group250Hz4000Hz
70-79 years30,1151,96
80-89 years30,3859,62
> 90 years54,5269,52
1 more row

What is the latest hearing aid technology 2023? ›

The newest OTC model, Eargo 7, was officially released February 2023. It features an improved Sound Adjust+ with Clarity Mode, which can automatically adjust the hearing aids' sound profile to your surroundings for a clearer listening experience in both loud and quiet environments.

What frequency is considered good hearing? ›

A person with normal hearing should be able to hear volumes as low as -10dB to 15dB and frequencies of 250 through 8000 Hz.

How do you stop feedback on a ReSound hearing aid? ›

Typically, you can stop the whistling simply by taking out and re-inserting your hearing aid. The next most common cause of feedback is a buildup of wax. In such cases, thoroughly cleaning your hearing aids should resolve the issue.

What does the button on the ReSound hearing aid do? ›

Your hearing aid has a push button which allows you to select from several listening programs. Push the button to change program. You will then hear one or more beeps. The number of beeps indicates which program you have selected (one beep = program 1, two beeps = program 2 and so on).

Why won't my hearing aid stay in my ear? ›

Moisture in your ear canal can cause the device to move around. The hearing aid also may change position from jaw movement when you talk or chew. If you use a dome on your hearing aid, try adjusting to a smaller or larger size. A retention wire may also need to be added by your audiologist.

Should a hearing aid be turned on or off when it's not in use? ›

To turn off the hearing aid, all you have to do is open the battery slot completely. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to keep the hearing aid on all the time, every now and then it is good to take it off and turn it off to preserve its battery life.

Can I carry on my hearing aid charger? ›

Rechargeable Hearing Aids Remember to take your charger unit in your carry-on luggage. Charger units for rechargeable hearing aids have lithium-ion batteries which are required by federal regulation to be carried in the cabin on flights. If you pack a charger unit in your checked luggage, it will be confiscated.

What country is ReSound hearing aid from? ›

ReSound is proud to be part of The GN Group, headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark. The GN Group proudly builds on 150 years of expertise, capabilities and insight to produce some of the best and most innovative audio devices in the world.

Who is ReSound owned by? ›

ReSound is proud to be part of The GN Group, headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark. The GN Group proudly builds on 150 years of expertise, capabilities and insight to produce some of the best and most innovative audio devices in the world.

How does Phonak compare to ReSound? ›

Both hearing aids are strong in this category, with AI optimizing speech and reducing background noise. ReSound boasts an impressive 4.3 dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) improvement in background noise. Phonak's StereoZoom 2.0 achieves an additional 2.5 dB SNR in background noise.

Who is the biggest hearing aid manufacturer? ›

Who are the biggest hearing aid manufacturers by volume? According to Hearing Health Matters, the “Big Six” hearing aid manufacturers own 98% of the market share. In order of percentage, they include Sonova/Phonak, William Demant/Oticon, Siemens/Signia, ReSound, Starkey, and Widex.

Why do I hear myself in my hearing aid? ›

This phenomenon is called autophonia. This feeling can be explained by the presence of a foreign body in the external auditory canal: a hearing aid or ear mould (in the case of a behind-the-ear hearing aid) that blocks some of the vibrations of the voice.

Why does my Resound hearing aid keep whistling? ›

This is perfectly normal because the hearing aids are reacting to the sound bouncing back from your surroundings. Hearing aid feedback could also be a sign that something could be wrong with your hearing aids, or they need to be cleaned. In that case it's best to consult your hearing care professional.

Why does my hearing aid sound echoey? ›

You may be asking the question, “Why does my ear echo when wearing hearing aids?” It is all down to a phenomenon known as the occlusion effect. The occlusion effect occurs when an object, such as a hearing aid, fills the outer part of the ear canal. The object in the ear causes vibrations of sound.

What is the low battery warning on ReSound hearing aid? ›

Your be by ReSound hearing instrument comes with a low battery warning: When the battery voltage/power gets too low: The hearing instrument will reduce amplification and emit a beeping signal. The signal will recur every five minutes until the hearing instrument automatically switches off.

How do you know when your hearing aid is going bad? ›

You hear muffled noise or feedback

If you often hear whistling or feedback, it's a sign of an ill-fitting hearing aid. Even if your units fit perfectly when you first got them, physical changes in the size and shape of your ears can change how they sit in or on your ears.

What are three ways in which a hearing aid can malfunction? ›

Most Common Hearing Aid Problems and How to Fix Them
  • Battery problems. Battery issues (dead or dud batteries, inconsistent power, corroded connections and broken battery compartments, to name a few) are one of the most common problems for hearing aid wearers. ...
  • Earwax blockages. ...
  • BTE tubing damage. ...
  • A poor fit.
Mar 4, 2017

What is the average life of a ReSound hearing aid? ›

ReSound hearing aids use advanced directionality and noise reduction features, which help you hear better in noisy environments. What is the lifespan of a hearing aid? The typical lifespan of a completely new hearing aid is 5 years.

How do I stream my TV to ReSound hearing aid? ›

Pair your hearing aids with the TV Streamer
  1. Make sure the TV Streamer is plugged in and the light on the front of the TV Streamer is green.
  2. Turn off your hearing aids. ...
  3. Press the pairing button on the TV Streamer. ...
  4. You will see a blinking yellow light on the front of the TV Streamer.
Oct 5, 2022

How do you answer a phone with a ReSound hearing aid? ›

Using ReSound ONE™ as a wireless headset, your clients can effortlessly take calls and talk without holding their iPhone or iPad*. They just tap the button on their hearing aids to answer a call. With lower battery consumption, they have the power to keep on talking for a full day.

Can you overcharge hearing aid batteries? ›

Q: Can my batteries overcharge? A: Your batteries will not overcharge if left on the charger. It is best practice to keep your hearing aids on your charger when not in use.

Should you keep hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator? ›

Any extreme temperature is bad for batteries. Keep your hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry area for the longest shelf life and best performance.

What drains hearing aid batteries? ›

Here are 7 likely culprits if your hearing aid batteries die quickly.
  • Moisture can kill a battery. ...
  • Sophisticated modern features are power intensive. ...
  • Altitude changes can impact batteries as well. ...
  • Perhaps the batteries aren't actually drained. ...
  • Improper handling of batteries. ...
  • Overstocking on batteries isn't a good plan.
Jul 19, 2022

How long do ReSound hearing aid batteries last? ›

With a completely sealed lithium-ion battery, a small, discreet size and long-lasting battery power, your patients can rely on their hearing aids for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Do magnets drain hearing aid batteries? ›

Something that might not come into everyone's minds is that they shouldn't store the batteries anywhere near a magnetic field. This means, not next to a computer or a magnet – as this can severely damage their performance and how long they last.

How long should hearing aid batteries sit before using? ›

Let the battery "breathe" for 3-5 minutes.

After removing the tab from the battery, let the battery sit for 3-5 minutes before installing it in your hearing aid. This "activation" time allows air to reach the materials inside the battery and activate them.

What are the different levels of ReSound one technology? ›

ReSound ONE technology is available in three levels; 9, 7 & 5, depending on which features they have. ReSound ONE 9 is the top of the range.

What is level of hearing aid? ›

Hearing aids come in four technology levels: Premium, Advanced, Intermediate, and Essential. Selecting the proper hearing aid greatly depends on your lifestyle and, to a lesser degree, the actual loss.

What is advanced level hearing aid? ›

Advanced models are a larger investment than basic hearing aid technology. However, users can benefit from a higher number of channels, with eight compared to the two found in basic hearing aids. As such, different frequencies of sound can be separated, adjusted and amplified at different levels.

How do you increase the volume in a ReSound hearing aid? ›

Your hearing aid automatically adjusts the volume depending on your listening situation. However, if your hearing aid has a volume control, you can adjust the volume according to your preferences. 1. To increase the volume, briefly press the top part of the button.


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