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When is the 2023 Saint Lucia Carnival?

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What is technically considered a 'real' carnival are the two days that include the marching bands parade, street march competition, and steelpan panning competition. This year what is taken into accountthe "real" carnival takes place inJuly 12 to July 19, 2023.So if you want to be thereStreet. Lucyfor "Carnival Main Events," then plan your vacation around those days.

But in the months and weeks leading up to carnival, there are plenty of carnival events, festivals, and endless parties! The biggest celebrations take place in the days before the parades.

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Where is the Santa Lucia Carnival?

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Street. Lucyit's aCaribbeanisland in the eastCaribbeansea ​​inWest Indies. It is a sovereign island nation bordering the Atlantic Ocean.St. Lucia Carnivalusually takes place in the capital of the islandCastries, and in its surroundings asislet of gros. The exact locations vary depending on where the different theme parties are held, but Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay Marina, and Pigeon Island are the setting for much of the action.

What is Carnival in Saint Lucia?

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St. Lucia Carnivalformerly known as theLuciano Carnivalis a vibrant and vibrant celebration ofStreet. Lucyrich culture and heritage! This celebration grew out of the island's unique blend of Catholic,Caribbeanand African heritage.St. Lucia CarnivalThis is when you can experience the local culture and its loudest, brightest, most twisted and purest form!

It is the largest and most important cultural event inStreet. Lucywith more than 5000disguisedNight owls participate. In addition to 30,000 viewers and a television audience of more than 60,000.Street. Lucyit turns into a big party.

St. Lucia Carnivalit is something to see. The island fills with the sound of drums, calypso, soca, reggae, banjos, feathers, glitter, beads, sequins, and happy people dancing in the sun! Whether you join the procession or just watch from the sidelines, you're guaranteed to have a great time! The celebration was originally held before the start of Lent, but was pushed back to the summer so that it would not compete with Trinidad and Tobago.Carnaval.

How is the Carnival of Saint Lucia celebrated?

Carnival in St. Luciais a vibrant event that can be described as a monumental party! during and beforecarnavall There are parties everywhere. Events range from Fish Fries and Jump Ups to rich cultural celebrations and vibrant music festivals. You will learn all about the local culture and heritage while having the time of your life!

carnavalis celebrated happilyThe parade, well thoughtdisguises, wildFinished, contests, conga lines, non-stop dancing, delicious street food, great entertainment, every nightdisguisesand free flowing rum!

Carnival Events in Saint Lucia 2023

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Calle. Luciano Festival 2023

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there are also manyCarnival festivities in Saint Luciathat occur during and beforecarnaval, which are known ascomplete. completeStart one month in advancethe big parade the festivalsHas manycaribbean musicartist andFlowerpotYSoca-Bandswhich organizes live performances. Check out the poster below to see all the private parties happening this year.

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What is the history of the Saint Lucia Carnival?

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Like many othersCaribbeanislands,St. Lucia Carnivalit was the result of Afro-European influence in the region. The celebrations traditionally took place before Lent, which was meant to be a time of celebration and celebration before the onset of Catholic Lent, a season of sacrifice.

In 1999 it was moved to the summer so as not to have to compete with much larger ones.Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.St. Lucia Carnivalit is becoming more popular every year and attracts visitors from all over the world.

St. Lucia Parade der Bands

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What is playing More?If you are not familiar with the celebrationscaribbean carnival,You can be a spectator and see it.The parade, or join us! If you decide to join, it will be calledplay mom! Heribbonscompete with each other to win the title bestMas-Band.

5000costumed revelerswill compete in theStreet. LucyPAGplows. It is a colorful, lively and energetic spectacle. Hethe masqueradethey are dressed in the most colorfuldisguisesadorned with feathers, jewels, headdresses and wings. HesocaPump hard and everyone dances all day.

If you likegameyou have to join amask strap.if you want the latestcaribbean carnivalexperience, we recommendPlay More! carnivalto assembleis the day you wear yoursCarnival costumeand alsoMardi GrasYou can wear whatever you want while you march!

Street. LucΓ­a Carnival Bands!

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How do I choose a Mad Band for the St. Lucia Carnival?It is a difficult decision because you have many good options. maybe choose yoursBandabased on herdisguiseshow everyone picks a theme and designs their owndisguisesaround this topic. So you can fall in love with some of them.disguises.

Obviously, money can be an important factor when choosingmasbandchoose. So give them a try and do some research to find out which onesmasbandDo you think yours will improve?carnavalExperience!

  1. Just 4 fun carnival bandsthey chose β€œPhobeia” as their theme. look at herhttps://just4funcarnival.com/
  2. Xuvo-Carnivalhave chosen "Your Majesty" as the theme. Check them out here http://xuvocarnival.com/
  3. carnival of legendshave chosen β€œVeni Vidi Vici” as the theme. Check them out herehttp://legends-carnival.com/
  4. Asari Stammhave chosen β€œLes Perdus” as their theme. Check them out here https://www.asaricarnival.com/costumes
  5. taboo carnivalchose β€œWu Zing” as the theme.
  6. FusionsMassethey chose "Butterfly Effect" as their theme. Check them out herehttp://www.fuzionmas.com/
  7. unlimited redthey chose β€œPersia” as their theme. Check them out here http://redunlimited.net/
  8. island tribechosen as the theme β€œBig Bang”. Check them out here http://www.islandtribeslu.com/

Santa Lucia Pre-Opening Celebration

In advance ofThe paradethere's a lotcarnavalFestivals and celebrations are held. There are many nightly concerts to enjoy, but one of the most anticipatedCarnaval Vorpartysis that a huge onestreet partycalled "color me redβ€œ. It's a public street party and everyone has to wear red!

Saint Lucia Carnival I open

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Hecarnavalaction oneStreet. Lucyofficially starts withI openThis is the opening street party, which starts before dawn! Yes, actually it does, that is, the wordI openderives from the French word for dawn. It is an impromptu celebration wherecarnival goersCover yourself from head to toe in mud, body paint, powder, or foam. There is a lot of fun, dancing and music in every sense of the word.St. LuciaStyle!


Music is the heart and soul ofSt. Lucia Carnival! WhileCarnival strain,CalypsoYFlowerpotmusic rules Local artists create amazing pieces of music just for the carnival. The music of the Santa Lucia carnival is varied and, in addition to soca, you will hear reggae, zouk, bouon, afrobeats and soukous.

Tips for the St. Lucia Carnival!

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  • LearnWein! β€žGain”is a local term that refers to a style of dance. This dance step is arotary hip swing. Check out YouTube if you're not familiar or want to learn how to do it because people will begainin generalcarnaval.
  • Please leave your valuables at home and only bring cash, but bring enough cash to pay for food and drinks throughout the day as you cannot use cards anywhere.
  • Drink enough! Cause it's hot and you'll be dancing under the covers all dayCaribbeanSun, which in combination with alcohol consumption can create a bad scenario.
  • Please wear light clothing as the weather will often have heavy but short duration downpours and you will want to dry quickly!
  • Where good comfortable shoes! Because you'll be on your feet all day!
  • Get there early to find a good spot along the way.parade routeto see themmarching bands, as there will be large crowds.
  • For himcarnavalHead parade to the area in front of itCastriesArtisan market

How do I get to Saint Lucia?

there are two airportsStreet. Lucy. Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) is located in Vieux Fort, approximately 40 miles south ofCastrieyes, the capital ofStreet. Lucy. George FL Charles Airport is a smaller inter-island airport located just outsideCastries.

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How to get around Saint Lucia

We recommend taking a taxi to continue the trip.Street. LucyUnmarked and rough roads are quite a challenge! You can rent a car, but it is for the more adventurous.

Taxi drivers receive special training that allows them to also act as guides so you can enjoy your taxi ride. Taxis are not metered, but the government has fixed rates for all standard trips, so ask how much they cost and what US or Eastern currency they accept before you travel.CaribbeanDollar.

Where to stay in St. Lucia

Street. Lucyis known for having some of the best hotels and resorts in the worldCaribbean. Of course, this means that many accommodations are quite expensive, but there are accommodations for all budgets and comfort levels!

St. Lucia Carnivaltakes place mainly nearRodney Bay/Gros Isletisland area. About 80% of events take placePinta Taube.

Check out some of the best accommodation deals for your visit to St. Lucia,or anywhere in the worldHere.

What to do and see in Saint Lucia

Street. LucyIt's a little piece of paradise! It is blessed with incredible natural, geographical and cultural riches! The island has stunning and spectacular scenery that is best recognized by the island's twin pythons - the Coastal Mountains. It also has a bubbling volcano and a lush rainforest. Saint Lucia is home to the most down to earth, friendly and hospitable locals.

You must visit Rodney Bay, a beautiful bay in the north. Heading south, visit Soufrière, a beautiful region of old plantations, secluded beaches, and the geographic wonder of the photogenic Pitons.

The best things to do and see in Saint Lucia

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